Digital Forensics

Digital Data Discovery

D3 Forensics provides legal professionals, regulatory agencies, corporations and individuals with pertinent digital evidence that is harvested using forensically sound methodologies which are both repeatable, and defensible.

D3 Forensics is equipped with an assortment of leading forensic technologies and broad experience; our examiners devise and implement focused analysis strategies that are formulated to the specific requirements for each assignment, in a complete and budget focused approach.

You can count on D3 Forensics to provide expert service or consulting in all phases of the digital forensic or eDiscovery process from the meet and confer thru to the identification, preservation, examination, documentation and presentation phases.

Identification Phase

The identification phase involves determining potential repositories of relevant electronic evidence.
Our professionals work with the ultimate client I.T. department (where applicable) to acquire a meticulous understanding of the target location and consider all sources of data – including:

  • Local storage devices (hard drives, DVD’s, USB flash drives and other digital storage media)
  • Server and other Network devices log Files (Email, VPN, Firewall, Web Content Filtering, etc.)
  • Volatile data (system RAM, active device configurations, etc.)
  • Cellular devices & smart phones, Digital cameras, GPS devices
  • Access Control Systems, Voice Mail, CCTV & DVR Recording systems
  • Cloud based storage or other offsite digital storage
  • Backup tape sets both onsite and offsit

Preservation Phase

The preservation phase involves the intelligent acquisition (collection and verification) of digital evidence. This is accomplished by acquiring the data in a forensically sound and repeatable way and computing a digital fingerprint (using both a MD5 and SHA1 hashing algorithms) of the collected data. It is paramount that all digital evidence is properly handled, preserved and verified for admission in legal proceedings, should same be required. After consulting with the client, our forensic examiners will implement the required methodology to accomplish the forensic acquisitions, in the most appropriate, cost efficient way. Some options include:

  • Static forensic imaging of systems and media that have been powered down

  • Live Real-Time imaging or data collection from running systems Primary network servers

  • Covert media imaging and data collection to assist with ongoing inquires

  • Remote network acquisition of storage devices or file level data

D3 Forensics has provided data collection services to help clients in a variety of circumstances including:

  • Internal Investigations; theft of IP, suspicion of fraud, intimidation
  • Extracting data to comply with regulatory investigations and disclosure
  • Investigating corruption, FCPA and UK bribery act
  • Preserving data during litigation or electronic disclosure
  • Securing information for insolvency or business recovery

D3 Forensics is experienced in providing a discreet service, working covertly and outside operating hours as required. Whether the investigation is for civil or criminal proceedings, e-disclosure or an insolvency matter, our data capture team are available 24/7 to meet your requirements.

Forensic imaging of computing systems and associated media needs to be carefully considered in all cases where further investigation or disclosure may be required. Capturing this data using forensically sound methodology is vital if the integrity of any subsequent investigation that may follow.