Mobile Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics 

Mobile devices are now common place business communications devices not just for voice communications but also instant messaging, email and for interactions with social media and as such are being used in an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives both at work and at play. As a result, mobile telephone data can be an important source of evidence in civil litigation, regulatory compliance as well as criminal investigations.

Mobile Forensics Specific Services

Mobile Device Forensics includes the examination of mobile phone handsets and all attached media, such as SIM cards (subscriber Identity module) and memory storage cards. normally a microSD card located inside the device. Mobile device forensics is similar to digital forensics in that a wide variety of data can be retrieved, including call registers, SMS text messages and MMS, multimedia messages.

Live and deleted data recovery can be accomplished of data created by the device’s owner/user during day to day use. Analysis can be undertaken from a number of from smart iDevices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Blackberry’s, Android tablets and telephones, symbian devices, as well as basic not so smart mobile telephones.