Internet Investigations

Open Source Internet and Social Media Investigations

D3 Forensics offers an online open source investigative service to complement Digital and Mobile Device Forensics.

Our Open Source Internet Investigations and Social Media Forensics allow us to uncover, track and trace individuals, lifting the veil of online anonymity from difficult to trace email addresses, forum and blog postings. We follow the digital breadcrumbs to discover online evidence which is collected and documented in such a way as to be admissible in litigation or arbitration proceedings

Specific Services

  • Forensically preserving online material for use in litigation or arbitration proceedings

  • Stripping away online anonymity from hard-to-trace email addresses and postings

  • Collecting and analysing a website’s hidden data, such as who created it and when

  • Social Media monitoring and investigations

  • Pre-employment CV screening

Recent Work

• Traced and located the exact whereabouts of an individual (via social media) relieved the concerns of worried parents.

• Confirmed a CV was fraudulent and mitigated what would have been a poor hiring decision by a mid-sized organisation.

• Identified spyware which had been installed on a financial services director’s machine.

• Traced the source of intellectual property theft and the removal of documents from online document sharing websites.