eDiscovery – Electronic Disclosure – Digital Discovery

D3 Forensic specialists can secure, search, locate and organise electronic data stored on any electronic storage media. We will organise and present the data accurately and methodically in as cost efficient manner as is possible.

D3 – Managed e-discovery and document review with a single point of project accountability. Rapid Data Processing and Analysis of Data in the Key Stages of Litigation & Internal Investigations. On-site investigations including Mobile e-discovery Server and Analytics. Defensible strategies to forensically Identify, Preserve & Collect Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

Other Services

  • Planning of defensible collection protocols

  • Full Disk forensic imaging

  • Conducting targeted collections

  • Extraction of e-mail stores

  • Collection and Conversion of ESI from legacy systems

  • eDiscovery processing – Removal of system and program files to reduce data set

  • Separation of database and other files not suited for traditional review application

  • De-Duplication – Identification and removal of duplicate files

  • Full text indexing of files in preparation to search

  • Keyword analysis

  • Advanced analytics (near dupe and e-mail threading)

  • Basic reports including file extension analysis

  • Password cracking and Identification of corrupted files

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